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“The Farm is located southwards, at the exit of the village. It was built in 1603 and became a lay chaplaincy set by Francesco Platone and his brother D. Bernardino, Chaplain of the Serene Highess Infanti of Savoy, with a public act carried out by the Bishop’s Court of Asti. Through this act the established goods of 30 jugers as well as the common approximate income of Piedmont Region of £ 200, were subjected to the Bishop’s Court, which was in charge of celebrating two common masses and a solemn one, on the day of the Conception and Birth of Virgin Mary. The male descendents of Platone family kept the patronage rights of the chaplaincy, as proved by some documents found in the Curia of Asti. With French domination in Piedmont, Law of 8th Germinal, ninth year, perpetual bonds of simple benefits were abolished and benefits were put up on sale, Platone family bought the benefit in its integrity and kept it for many years.”

Passage drawn from the book “Refrancore and its historical events” by Ludovico Vergano

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